works of fiction and mapping

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

check out and read about this students’ project featured in here in BLDGBLOG

following extracts from BLDGBLOG

“a “document-based” approach to architecture to fabricate an entire fictional world”

“The resulting fictional archives—or “fabricated histories,” as the architects describe them—allowed the group to question “the role that fact and evidence plays in how we perceive our own history and our place as designers within it.””

“the research, in many cases, is more worthy of attention (and well worth the time it takes to produce it). In other words, the research—the preliminary material, the periphery, the narrative excess, the unwanted fringe—is very often most provocative before it becomes a building, when that inchoate mass of possible future projects, storylines, techniques, and more offers a million alternative directions in which we have yet to go.” BLDGBLOG

Nesin Map by Protocol Architecture


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