Brief 03, return from NYC

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A room for your character / A room for your window

This project asks students to design a room, on the site, that would house their specific character used in projects one and two.  The room is also to incorporate the window that was designed for project two.   Again this room is to facilitate the specific, esoteric and unusual traits students had identified in their characters inhabitation of space, identified in project one. So if your character is a photographer for instance, his space might incorporate the functions of a shooting studio or processing room…

To develop this room students are to use, directly, one or more of their 10 quick sketches (done outside the New York Library) as a starting point. Students are to choose the sketch -or sketches- that they think is most successful and relevant to their previous investigations, to then develop them into a drawing using different techniques. Those techniques might include, but are not limited to, scaling up or down, repetition or layering in order to inform spaces, forms and details of the room.  Students are asked to make an informed decision and choose marks and lines from their sketches in the light of their character’s specificities. Where possible use the design logic developed in the design of the window.

For a pin up on Friday 19th November Students will have to:

A4 Photocopies of all 10 of their sketches
Section at 1:50
Plan at 1:50
Elevation 1:50
Ceiling Plan 1:50

All drawings, apart from the quick sketches should include indications of the site including the location of the highline.  Please note students only should indicate the site and not spend any length of time drawing it in detail at this stage.

Things that students should consider, If your window has movable parts, or mechanical elements, then your room should have mechanical and moving parts, if you window controlled light or shadow then your room should control light or cast shadows, etc.

Further, students should use their photos of the site and its surrounding area, looking in particular at the materiality they witnessed, as well as the existing structures and infrastructure.  These observations should be incorporated into student’s designs.

In this regard Students should prepare, for the pin up on Friday the 19th 10 photos of the site and the surrounding area.  These photos should all be printed at A6 on photographic paper and should show materials, structures or atmospheres students observed and wish to incorporate into their design.


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