soundwalk by paul auster

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works of fiction and mapping

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check out and read about this students’ project featured in here in BLDGBLOG

following extracts from BLDGBLOG

“a “document-based” approach to architecture to fabricate an entire fictional world”

“The resulting fictional archives—or “fabricated histories,” as the architects describe them—allowed the group to question “the role that fact and evidence plays in how we perceive our own history and our place as designers within it.””

“the research, in many cases, is more worthy of attention (and well worth the time it takes to produce it). In other words, the research—the preliminary material, the periphery, the narrative excess, the unwanted fringe—is very often most provocative before it becomes a building, when that inchoate mass of possible future projects, storylines, techniques, and more offers a million alternative directions in which we have yet to go.” BLDGBLOG

Nesin Map by Protocol Architecture

Stefanie Posavec on Kerouac’s ‘On the road’

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The maps visually represent the rhythm and structure of Kerouac’s literary space, creating works that are not only gorgeous from the point of view of graphic design, but also exhibit scientific rigor and precision in their formulation: meticulous scouring the surface of the text, highlighting and noting sentence length, prosody and themes, Posavec’s approach to the text is not unlike that of a surveyor.

(text from NOTCOT)

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YOU ARE HERE : mapping the psychogeography of New York city

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exhibition at Pratt University, Sept. 24th – Nov 06th, curated by Katharine Harmon
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extract from Pratt Institute’s website:
“The exhibition features artworks and conceptual projects that map a frenzied cityscape,” Harmon explains.
Psychogeography was defined in 1955 by theorist Guy Debord as “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals.” Another definition is “a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities…just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.”

Works created specifically for “You Are Here” include:

· a three-dimensional map of the lower Manhattan skyline made of a Jell-O-like material by Liz Hickok
· an anxiety map of the five boroughs lit by sweat-powered batteries by Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson
· a “Loneliness Map” from Craigslist’s Missed Connections by Ingrid Burrington
· a scratch-and-sniff map of New Yorkers’ smell preferences by Nicola Twilley
· a cemetery map of Polish ancestors’ graves by Kim Baranowski
· an installation constructed from city ephemera by Pratt faculty member Robbin Ami Silverberg
· personal maps created from a call for submissions by the Hand Drawn Map Association including works by Tony Dowler, Will Haughery, Janine Nichols, Yumi Roth, Gowri Savoor, Rob Servo, Krista Shaffer, Kees Touw, Dean Valadez, and Shane Watt
· a series of mapped reflections on the extinction of the passenger pigeon and the ascendancy of the rock dove by Miranda Maher
· a New York subway map in Urdu by Pakistani artist Asma Ahmed Shikoh
· photographs of a buzzing honeycomb map created by Liz Scranton’s bees

Additional artworks include:

· the preliminary artwork for New Yorkistan, Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz’s post 9/11 cover for The New Yorker, and Kalman and Meyerowitz’s culinary subway map of the city
· Nina Katchadourian’s New York soundtrack, assembled from found segments of cassette tape
·  Jeff Sisson’s ongoing Bodega List project
·  a Happiness Map by Jane Hammond
·  Bill Rankin’s maps of Not In My Back Yard-isms showcasing various geographies of community and exclusion
·  a diptych of memory maps by Dahlia Elsayed

Janet Cardiff’s “Missing Voice (case study B)”

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take a walk with Janet Cardiff’s Audio installation. Pick up the recorded walk at the Whitechapel Gallery, where the Whitechapel’s library used to be and follow her.
more info on the walk : click here
or to download the walk : click here

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