Models, some examples

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here I would like to show how models can test out different aspects of the project.
By showing side by side the Endless house by Frederick Kiesler and the Moebius house by Un Studio,  I hope tho make this clear. Both houses stem essentially from the same idea of a fluid continuous circulation throughout the different spaces and activities of the house. But the models shown here are very different in their intentions. The earlier, by Kiesler, Austrian-American Artist-Theoretician-Architect who lived in New York, was an exploration of a fluid succession of spaces. His endless house project was developed around 1947-1961 before the computer generated 3d era.
The latter project, by UN studio was developped some 50 years later and the model shown here does not show the succession of spaces, which was instead illustrated by the Moebius strip as well as a drawing. The model instead shows an almost unified volume using wires, and points at the different articulations of the spaces (staircases…).

more info on Kiesler here :

model for the Moebius House by UN studio

images of the Moebius house from Wikipedia


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