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Exploring unknown and disused spaces in new york.



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Lebbeus woods:

“a good piece of criticism—well-researched, thoughtfully argued, and willing to look at all opinions about the recent building by Thom Mayne and Morphosis in New York City”


Up There

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these painters tell their story

Invisible New York

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Many thanks to Alistair Barr who suggested these references during the crit today:

amazing photographs of forgotten spaces, more images can be found on the Edelman gallery website here, or on Amazon here

a children’s book by Kate Ascher, titled ‘The works: Anatomy of a City’, on Amazon US

and finally this diagramatic section through New York’s Underground on the National Geographic website

New York Site

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Storefront by Mesarchitecture

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below are images from Mésarchitecture, of their project for Storefront in 2008, entitled (G)host in the (S)hell and subtitled Ambiguous Borderline, Storefront.
And I think you’ll all agree that the experience of this building we had during Peter Cook and Bernard Tschumi’s lecture was a fascinating one, that with the sound of the street travelling through to the audience and the crowd extending to the outside, looking in from the open facade. Here is a different interpretation of the interface.

Bernard Tschumi in conversation with Peter Cook, presenting Event-Cities 4

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Interrogation 02

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